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Our goal is to alleviate the various forms of oppression in society by developing unique programs that maximize impact, minimize cost, and bring everyone together in support. We need your help to contribute to this goal.

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At Support Life, we believe volunteering should make a lasting and lifelong difference. That’s why our focus is on educating and training communities around the world.

My friend Salah Elbakri is leading the fundraising effort via his 501(c)3 "Support Life Foundation" to help Millbrae's recent fire victims who are now without a home.

Mayor Emily Beach
Burlingame, CA

I am just incredibly grateful to everyone, and the community, for organizing this event. We need to bring people together, especially these last 4 years. People are pointing fingers now when we need to come together, and [Support Life] is doing that.

Councilman Wayne Lee
Millbrae, CA
From California to Cameroon

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